Virtual Reality Example using Arduino and MPU-6050 sensor

Here an example of using MPU-6050 sensor with Arduino to create a simple Virtual Reality is illustrated. In this example, an airplane is simulated on the computer which is controlled by users using the Arduino and MPU6050 sensor. Because the user is doing actual physical movement to control the airplane the user gets real world perception of the flying the airplane. 


Virtual Reality Arduino and MPU-6050

The following video demonstrates this.


Here the Arduino and MPU-6050 based GY512 breakout board are mounted and wired on a breadboard. The MPU-6050 is a accelerometer and gyroscope sensor which detects rotation and acceleration in all axis. The accelerometer and gyroscope sensor inside the single MPU6050 IC are made up of MEMS sensors which detects rotation and acceleration. This data can be read using Arduino. See the tutorial How to read MPU-6050 using Arduino?. As the breadboard is rotated, the sensor sends coordinate data to Arduino. This read data is then processed to orient the airplane object in 3D scene created in processing using serial communication.

 This simple Virtual Reality example illustrates how one can use Arduino to make virtual 3D games and application.

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