Autonomous Robot Car - Arduino RoboMaster part 12

Today I made my first autonomous robot car which is a modification of the my first Arduino RC Car . Until now, I used bluetooth for control navigation of the diy Arduino robomaster. Now, I wanted to add autonomous driving feature to the robot car because I thought it would be great exper…



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How to Solve ESP32 Error in Arduino IDE

While I was trying to do a testing project with ESP32 board in Arduino IDE I got the following error: version found: v0.11.0-esp32-20221026  Invalid version found: v0.12.0-esp32-20230921 The error you're encountering in the Arduino IDE, specifi…


Liquid Overflow Detection With Ultrasonic Sensor

Water wastage due to tank overflow is a common issue in many households, especially in developing countries. This problem not only leads to significant water loss but also results in unnecessary expenditure on water bills. To address this issue…


ESP32-CAM: A Gateway to Innovative Projects

Introduction to ESP32-CAM The ESP32-CAM is a powerful and compact microcontroller module with an integrated camera, offering a plethora of possibilities for creative projects. This versatile device combines the ESP32's robust processing capabil…


Class D amplifier circuit diagram

Conventional linear power amplifiers (Class A, AB, or B) are notorious for their inefficiency, dissipating a significant portion of generated power as heat while offering relatively low distortion. However, there exists a solution that combines low…


Batteries connection for op-amp dual power supply

Nowadays there are single power supply op-amps but if you ever need to use dual power supply for your op-amp in your circuit. The following circuit diagram shows how to connect two batteries in series and then grounding the junction of the two batt…


Arduino Push Button LED On/Off Tutorial

In this tutorial, we'll delve into the basics of using a push button to control an LED on an Arduino board. Push buttons, also known as momentary contact switches, are essential components in many electronic projects. We'll explore how to wi…

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