Bare Minimum Arduino Schematic and PCB

Arduino is often a crucial component in the design, prototyping, and testing of electronic systems due to its invaluable role as an electronics development board. Because it is so often required I have designed a prototype of minimal version of Arduino. Minimal meaning that only compone…



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SIM900 GSM module application and programming

The SIM900 GSM module is a versatile cellular module that facilitates GSM/GPRS communication, enabling wireless connectivity in various applications. WISPs (Wireless Internet Service Providers) can leverage the SIM900 module to expand their service…


Differences between astable and bistable multivibrator

In the realm of electronics, multivibrators stand as quintessential circuits, offering a spectrum of functionalities by producing distinct waveforms or pulses. Among these, the astable and bistable multivibrators emerge as prominent types, each wiel…


How automatic cutoff battery charger circuit works

Here a low cost automatic cutoff battery charger circuit is presented and explained. Automatic cutoff battery charger means that once we have set a preset voltage level for the battery charger, and during charging the target voltage is reached, the…

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