Autonomous Robot Car - Arduino RoboMaster part 12

Today I made my first autonomous robot car which is a modification of the my first Arduino RC Car . Until now, I used bluetooth for control navigation of the diy Arduino robomaster. Now, I wanted to add autonomous driving feature to the robot car because I thought it would be great exper…



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How to solve stepper motor jerking

If your stepper motor is jerking, not moving in the preset direction or during the change of direction of motion, then it might be that your stepper motor is not wired correctly. For example, consider a bipolar stepper motor such as Nema 17 stepper …


How to Make Your Soldering Iron Tips Last Longer

Soldering iron tips are essential tools for any electronics enthusiast or professional. Proper care and maintenance of these tips can significantly extend their lifespan, ensuring consistent performance and saving you money. In this blog post, we…


Motor control with ESP32-CAM module

In this tutorial, we will explore how to control a DC motor using the ESP32-CAM module. The DC motor is connected via a 5V relay, and the relay is controlled using a 2N2222 transistor and a 1kΩ resistor connected to GPIO16 of the ESP32-CAM. This pr…


I2C OLED display with Arduino RAMPS Shield

When working with Arduino projects, particularly those involving 3D printers or other complex machinery, using a display can significantly enhance the user interface and overall functionality. Traditionally, many setups use a parallel LCD module con…


Controlling a Servo Motor with RAMPS Shield and a Potentiometer

Servo motor are fundamental motor in robotics and mechanical electronics circuits. We have illustrated number of ways to control a servo motors. In the Hobby Servo Motor control with L293D Motor Shield , we showed how to use L293D motor driver shiel…


digital memory gated latch vs D flip flop?

Many people find it difficult to understand how computer memory works, how computer remembers the data(image, video, text). Here we try to explain how the digital memory works with gated latch and D flip flop with their differences and similarities…


Creative Uses for the RAMPS Shield Beyond 3D Printing

You may have RAMPS (RepRap Arduino Mega Pololu Shield) shield for the Arduino Mega just lying around and you might be thinking how you can reuse it or use it and whether it can be used for applications beyond 3D printing. While it is primarily desi…

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