ee-diary is a weblog on the field of electronics engineering. 

The objectives and visions of creating this electronics engineering diary are:

 Master Electronics Circuit Design: 

A Comprehensive Guide: Learn the essentials of electronics circuit design with this comprehensive guide, packed with practical tips and expert advice. Take your skills to the next level!

  Electronics Circuit and Components for DIY Enthusiasts: 

Get started with DIY electronics circuits using these essential components. Find out what you need to build your own electronic projects!

 Demystifying Electronics Circuit Diagrams: 

A Step-by-Step GuideConfused by electronics circuit diagrams? Our step-by-step guide will help you understand and interpret circuit diagrams like a pro!

 Understanding Electronics Circuits: How Do They Work? 

Discover the inner workings of electronics circuits. Learn the basics of circuitry and how different components interact to create electronic devices.

 Mastering Advanced Electronics Circuit Design Techniques: 

Unlock Your Creativity!Take your electronics circuit design skills to the next level with advanced techniques. Learn how to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation in circuit design.

EE-Diary contains tutorials and projects related to electronics engineering, IoT(Internet of Things), AVR & PIC microcontrollers, Arduino, sensors and actuators, FPGA, MATLAB & Simlulink, Python, Processing, C/C++ programs and codes. Although this is just a diary of my electronics engineering work, I hope it is useful for readers. I especially hope this will be helpful to electronics engineering students, physics students and other field students in their work. All the source codes are free to use.

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