How to power op-amp with dual supply using single supply?

 Often we need dual power supply(+ve and -ve voltages) to operate an electrical circuit or electronics device. Operational amplifiers are devices that are often operated with dual power supplies. But many times we may only have single supply and want to create dual supply for the devices that needs dual supply voltage. For example the LM358 is a general purpose operational amplifier which operates with dual power supply. Let us consider that we have 12V single power supply and want to use it to operate the LM358 op-amp with dual power supply from the 12V.

 The following circuit diagram shows one simply way of powering LM358 op-amp with dual supply from single supply.


LM358 op-amp with dual supply from single supply

The above circuit is ac coupled non-inverting amplifier. See how to calculate the coupling capacitor and theory of this circuit in the tutorial how to bias non-inverting op-amp amplifiers. In the above circuit, LM358 op-amp is powered using the +12V single supply voltage by splitting the 12V single supply into +6V and -6V and then applying them to the positive and negative power terminal of the LM358. 

In multisim software we can place probe at the output node of the voltage splitter. This is shown below and from simulation we get around +6V at the top and around -6V at the bottom which are applied to the LM358 power supply terminal. 


LM358 op-amp with dual supply from single supply

With input sine wave signal of amplitude 100mV, frequency of 1KHz and with dc offset of 1V, we get the following graph of the input and output waveform.

So in this way we can power the LM358 op-amp with dual supply from single supply. See other tutorials related to LM358 operational amplifier.

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