LM324 non-inverting amplifier

 LM324 is quad op-amp integrated circuit which contains four individual op-amps(operational amplifier). It can be operated from 3V to 32V and supports single supply. Many application circuit can be build with LM324 IC such as pulse generator, voltage controlled oscillators, active filters etc. Here we will design non-inverting amplifier using single supply voltage of +5V and simulate the circuit with Multisim electronics design software.

The following is the circuit diagram of LM324 non-inverting amplifier using single supply voltage.

LM324 non-inverting amplifier

This circuit is ac coupled non-inverting amplifier. The input signal Vin1 is ac-coupled into the amplifier using the coupling capacitor C1. The gain of the amplifier is set using the R1 and R2 resistors. The gain of the non-inverting amplifier is given by,

\[A = 1+\frac{R2}{R1}\] = 11

If the input signal is a sine wave of 100mV(Vpeak) and the frequency is 1KHz, the the oscilloscope in multisim software is shown below.

The transient analysis graph is shown below.

transient analysis graph

The green waveform is the voltage input(100mV,1KHz). The blue is the voltage output after the capacitor C2. The red waveform is the voltage output before the capacitor C2.

In this non-inverting amplifier design we have used split resistor to bias the amplifier at its inputs at the midrange between 0V and 5V which is 2.5V. This is mostly used in single supply op-amp amplifier design. An example of this non-inverting amplifier is used in the electret microphone amplifier see How to make electret microphone amplifier using LM358.

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