Testing Non-inverting LM358 Amplifier

 LM358 is a general purpose dual op-amp which can be used for many application such as square wave generator, pulse generator, instrumentation amplifier, voltage controlled oscillators etc. Here the LM358 op-amp is tested as a non-inverting amplifier using split resistor biasing and voltage divider biasing. The amplifier is tested with Labview software based PC soundcard function generator and output is displayed on PC soundcard based Labview software based oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer. The input to the amplifier is a sine wave of different frequency and varying amplitude upto 1V.

This post is based on the previous blog post How to bias non-inverting op-amp amplifiers.

The following is the schematic diagram of LM358 based non-inverting amplifier with split resistor biasing and with single supply voltage.

Here we have will use feedback resistor of 56KOhm instead of 100KOhm.

The following picture shows the LM358 based non-inverting amplifier with 5V single supply on breadboard

The signal input and output are connected to PC loudspeaker and line in/microphone which was explained in the previous tutorial How to design a Practical LM358 Op-Amp Inverting Amplifier.

 The gain of the non-inverting amplifier is given by,

\[A = 1 + \frac{R1}{R2}\]

Here since R1=56KOhm and R2=10KOhm we get gain of 6.6.

 The following shows the input signal of 1KHz and amplified waveform on oscilloscope.

 The following shows the frequency spectrum of the input and output signal on spectrum analyzer.

The LM358 based non-inverting amplifier with voltage divider biasing with single supply is shown below.

The following shows the LM358 non-inverting amplifier with voltage divider biasing assembled on breadboard.

The input and output waveform on the oscilloscope display is shown below.

The following shows input and output signal frequencies on spectrum analyzer.

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