Simple DC Motor DIY

 Here a simple DC motor construction and operation is explained. The DC motor is easy to build with just few parts. Required parts are some magnets, here neodymium magnets are used, some conducting wires and power supply like 9V battery or power from bench power supply. Optional parts includes wood floor and nails for supporting the coil rotation above the magnet.

Watch the following video to know how the motor works.

 The following picture shows the simple DC motor.

Simple DIY DC Motor

 The following show the Circuit diagram of the simple DIY DC Motor.

Simple DIY DC Motor Circuit Diagram

The conducting coil that was used in this demonstration has a radius that is equal or larger than then the magnet radius. The number of turns of the coil used here has 5 to 6 turns but one can experiment with lesser or more turns. The more turns the more current should be induced in the coil wire since more magnetic flux linkage would be there. The ends of the coil rest of two vertical conducting wire which is connected to a battery. The battery experimented here was 9V and 5V. More voltage generally provides more current and more rotational speed should be obtained. 

More rotational speed may be obtained using transistor and diode maybe used to protect fluctuation of power supply souce which is illustrated in the tutorial DC motor control with Arduino, Transistor, Diode.

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