Temperature Logger with Proteus IIoT platform

Proteus IIoT platform is an end-to-end Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform, developed by Proteus Technologies. This platform provides a comprehensive suite of cloud-based services, tools, and frameworks for connecting physical devices, integrating data, and extracting insights from the industrial IoT data. Proteus IIoT platform enables companies to design, manufacture and deploy industrial-grade systems quickly, securely and cost-effectively. The platform supports a wide range of sensor devices, including edge, wireless and embedded devices, allowing users to remotely monitor and control their industrial processes. It also provides powerful analytics capabilities, allowing users to identify patterns and trends in their data, and make informed decisions. 

The Proteus IIoT platform is designed to help organizations improve the efficiency of their operations and reduce costs by enabling them to better manage their industrial processes. The platform provides an easy-to-use interface for configuring endpoints, collecting data, and visualizing insights. It also offers secure data storage and access using APIs and other protocols, as well as a wide range of support for industrial protocols, including OPC-UA, MQTT, and CoAP. Additionally, Proteus IIoT platform can be used to develop custom applications, such as dashboards and analytics tools, tailored to the specific needs of each organization. Moreover, the platform offers full compatibility with existing enterprise systems, allowing users to integrate data from multiple sources and systems. As a result, organizations can easily share data between connected systems and leverage the insights gained from their data to drive efficiency, reduce downtime, and improve their bottom line. Additionally, the Proteus IIoT platform supports real-time analytics, predictive maintenance capabilities, and machine learning models, allowing users to gain valuable insights into their processes and operations. With its comprehensive suite of tools and features, Proteus IIoT platform is a powerful and reliable solution for connecting, integrating, and managing industrial IoT solutions.

 The video tutorial below shows how to make a temperature logger industrial internet of things(IIoT) application using Proteus IIoT platform. This IIoT application shows real time temperature in degree Celsius on the thermometer and on graph. The temperature is also logged and saved into a file. Temperature control and monitoring in useful in most industrial factories. 


With the IIoT application demonstrated in the video above, one can change the temperature display and time log using three buttons in seconds, minutes and hours. One can also add hours log easily. There is also a button to clear the data log. The display UI(User Interface)- front panel background including image, button color, type etc can be changed easily- that is background. The tutorial shows how to make the flowchart for all the functionality explained above. Once the basic is learned which was shown in the earlier tutorials Proteus Visual Designer tutorial - LED Blink and Proteus LED Control via IoTBuilder Code the flowchart program is also easy to build. The first tutorial just mentioned teaches how to build simple LED blink with Arduino using flow chart programming. So this concentrates on how to use the proteus flowchart which starts with creating a complete new flowchart project. The second tutorial mentioned teaches how one can also directly write program from source code in C++ language. This is to teach and show how to program via source code instead of flowchart and show that this is possible for those who wants to dive deeper into the program code itself.

After the program is build(compiled) one can go to url https:localhost:8080(the port address can be changed to anything from the server) on PC or mobile devices and see the front panel of the designed IIoT application. Thus this application is helpful for IoT devices monitoring wherever WiFi connectivity is available. Here thermistor based temperature sensor is used. But one can use any other temperature, even simple LM35 based temperature sensor. Some tutorial on learning how to use LM35 with Arduino and displaying temperature on the web are LM35 Arduino code with LCD and Display Temperature on Web with NodeMCU, LM35 and Node-Red.

More IoT devices can be added into the application illustrated here. The proteus IoT platform has all kinds of internet of things devices, breakout board, switches, buttons, sliders for controls and display like numeric, text display, virtual leds etc and flexible configurable front panel editing editor. Within hours you can build your IIoT or IoT application.

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