Design of TDA7052 Amplifier with Circuit Diagram and PCB design

 In this article TDA7052 mono amplifier is described, its circuit design, power supply requirements, and performance characteristics, including maximum output power, input impedance, and gain are explored. Circuit diagram, printed circuit board layout, and recommended components for optimal results are provided.

TDA7052 One Watt Amplifier

The TDA7052 is a compact and efficient mono amplifier, designed for low power applications such as battery-operated equipment. Its compact design requires minimal external components, making it a suitable choice for portable devices. The pinout of the TDA7052 integrated circuit(IC) is depicted in figure below.

TDA7052 block diagram
The table below lists the typical electrical characteristics.

characterisitc table

Amplifier Performance

The TDA7052 utilizes the bridge tied load principle to deliver high power output at low voltage levels. With this method, it can provide an output power of up to 1.2W into an 8 Ω load with 10% distortion at 6V. Temperature plays an important role in determining the maximum power limit of the device, as its package is capable of dissipating higher power at lower temperatures, as demonstrated in the power derating curve shown below. 

power degrading curve of TDA7052
 The amplifier's internal gain is set at approximately 40 dB, making it suitable for amplifying small signals and driving a loudspeaker directly. Its input impedance is around 100 kOhm, and input attenuators can be easily implemented.

Power Supply

The TDA7052 operates within a wide range of power supply voltages, between 3V and 15V. To maintain stability and prevent noise, it is crucial that the power supply is properly decoupled at high and low frequencies. The current consumption of the TDA7052 depends on the load and the amount of power output, with a typical quiescent current of 4 mA. The low voltage operation and minimal external components make it an ideal choice for battery-powered equipment. The choice of battery will depend on the maximum current consumption under full load and the size of the equipment.

TDA7052 Amplifier design

The following shows the TDA7052 amplifier circuit diagram.

TDA7052 amplifier circuit diagram

The following shows the TDA7052 amplifier wiring diagram.
TDA7052 amplifier wiring diagram

The printed circuit board pins P5, P6, and P7 allow for the connection of a rotary potentiometer volume control (RV1), which can be either soldered directly to the pins or connected with a short cable. Long cables are not recommended due to the amplifier's high input impedance, which could cause instability issues.

A power supply ranging from 3V to 15V and capable of delivering at least 400 mA is needed to power the circuit. If a mains-derived DC power supply is used, it is important to ensure proper decoupling to prevent the introduction of low-frequency noise into the system. Power supply connections can be made to Pl (+V) and P2 (0 V). Using screened leads for input connections is recommended to reduce external noise pickup and prevent stray coupling between the input and output, especially when dealing with low-level signals.

Input signals are applied to P3 (i/p) and P4 (0 V), and output (loudspeaker) connections are made to P8 and P9. P10 (+V) and P11 (0 V) provide additional power supply connections for auxiliary components.

The overall gain of the module is determined by the values of resistor Rl and potentiometer RV1, which act as a potential divider network and reduce the input signal. With the component values included in the kit, the circuit's gain is approximately 39 dB when RV1 is set to maximum. The amplifier delivers optimal performance and maximum power when operating into an 8 Ω load, though output power may be reduced with higher impedance loads. A suitable loudspeaker for general use is the Maplin stock code YT25C.

The top and bottom view of the TDA7052 amplifier printed circuit board(PCB) layout is shown below.

TDA7052 amplifier PCB

Uses of the TDA7052 Amplifier

The TDA7052 is a versatile amplifier module, offering a simple yet effective solution for audio power amplification. It can be used in a variety of applications, such as portable radios, cassette recorders and similar devices. With its high gain capability, the TDA7052 is also well-suited for use in intercom systems and baby alarms. In these applications, the amplifier can be utilized to amplify microphone signals with minimal pre-amplification, resulting in a level suitable for driving a loudspeaker directly.

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