keyboard shortcut key for commenting in vs code?

keyboard shortcut key for commenting in vs code

When working with code in VS Code, commenting is an essential task to document the code and explain its functionality. VS Code provides a default keyboard shortcut key for commenting, which makes the process quick and easy.

The default keyboard shortcut for commenting in VS Code is Ctrl + / on Windows and Linux, or Command + / on Mac. This shortcut works for both single-line and multi-line comments.

To use this shortcut, simply select the code that you want to comment out, and then press Ctrl + / or Command + /, depending on your operating system. This will add // at the beginning of each selected line, which comments out the code.

If you want to uncomment the code, you can use the same shortcut again to remove the // characters. 


keyboard shortcut key for commenting in vs code

If you want to use a different comment syntax, such as /* */ for multi-line comments, you can customize the VS Code settings to use your preferred syntax.

How to customize keyboard shortcut keys in VS Code?
 You can customize the keyboard shortcuts in VS Code by following these steps:
  1. Open VS Code and go to the "Command Palette" by pressing Ctrl + Shift + P on Windows and Linux or Command + Shift + P on Mac.
  2. In the "Command Palette", type "Preferences: Open Keyboard Shortcuts (JSON)" and select the option from the list.
  3. This will open the "keybindings.json" file, where you can customize the keyboard shortcuts. You can add new keybindings or modify existing ones.
  4. To add a new keybinding, use the following format:
    { "key": "keybinding", "command": "command name", "when": "context" }

    Replace keybinding with the key combination you want to use, command name with the name of the command you want to execute, and context with a context where the keybinding is valid (optional).

  5. Save the "keybindings.json" file and the changes will take effect immediately.
Note that if you want to use a key combination that is already assigned to a different command, you can either modify the existing command or choose a different key combination.
Also, you can use the "Keyboard Shortcuts" tab in the "Preferences" menu to customize the keyboard shortcuts through a graphical interface. Simply open the "Preferences" menu, select "Keyboard Shortcuts", and search for the command you want to modify or add a new keybinding for.


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