LiteBeam 5AC GEN2 : No additional Radio Required

Ubiquity sells antenna and radio, which are to be connected, separately but there are also wireless outdoor products in which antenna and radio(transceiver) are built into single product. One of them is the popular LBE-5AC-Gen2, or LiteBeam 5AC Gen2 which is shown below.

LiteBeam 5AC Gen2

The LBE-5AC-Gen2, or LiteBeam 5AC Gen2, is an outdoor wireless access point manufactured by Ubiquiti Networks. It is an all-in-one device that combines the radio and antenna into a single unit. You do not need to purchase a separate radio or antenna as they are integrated into the LBE-5AC-Gen2.

The device features a high-gain antenna for improved performance and operates on the 5 GHz frequency band, providing high-speed wireless connectivity for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint applications.

When setting up the LBE-5AC-Gen2, you will typically mount it outdoors and connect it to your network using an Ethernet cable. The device will handle the wireless communication, and you can configure it through the web-based management interface provided by Ubiquiti.

Overall, the LBE-5AC-Gen2 offers a compact and cost-effective solution for establishing wireless connectivity in outdoor environments, and its integrated design simplifies the installation process.

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