Arduino RoboMaster Modifications with Crane Part - Arduino RoboMaster Part 9


 I was busy last 3-5 days and could not work on my diy robomaster project as much as I wanted. But still I did some modification to the chassis of the robomaster. Mainly I did the followings.

I drilled holes and used screws to attach the Arduino+Motor Shield and the battery pack holder to the chassis for more rigidity. 



I use sink tubes to tidy up the wires connected to the motors from the motor driver shield. 

heat sink electrical wire
 I changed the tires/wheels from yellow to green.

 green wheels

I found out that using 0.1uF capacitor across power and ground terminal of the motors can reduce electrical spikes which could interfere with the Arduino generated signals. This was one major problem which I think I had talked out in one of my previous posts on Arduino Robomaster. So immediately I thought this could be the solution to the Bluetooth wireless connection break down. So I soldered 0.1uF capacitor to each of the motor terminals as shown below.

smoothing capacitor

Adding crane part

Remember that in one of my previous blog post on building diy arduino robomaster I said I will use a toy crane part for the upper part of the arduino robomaster. Below is picture of what I have assembled.


I wanted to use this crane part because it can rotate 360 degree and also has arms which can be useful for robotic arm or something. Now I want to use a stepper motor or other suitable motor to rotate the upper crane part. 

I will upload full video of assembling the diy arduino robomaster uptil now shown above. It is quite long and is still being rendered. You will find that here in this blog post one I have uploaded it. 

I noticed that Bluetooth connection gets easily disconnected after adding the crane part. I think this is due to the heavy weight that has been added. That is power is not sufficient for drive this diy robomaster build. Also adding capacitor did not produce any significant changes. Although it is said that capacitor will reduce back emf and spikes which could hinder with the Arduino signal, the repeated bluetooth disconnection which is one case has not been solved by adding the capacitors. 

However I have to do more testing to arrive at confirmation. 


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