Transistor Astable Multivibrator Calculator

Transistor Astable Multivibrator Calculator

Theoretical Results:

Formula Used:
\( R_1 = \frac{1}{1.38 f C_1}\)
Transistor Astable Multivibrator Calculator

An online calculator for a Transistor-based Astable Multivibrator simplifies the process of designing and understanding the operating parameters of the multivibrator circuit. The above calculator take user inputs such as desired square wave frequency and capacitor value (C=C1=C2). The calculator then provides outputs such as the time periods of the resistor(R=R1=R2) value required. These calculators utilize formulas based on the charging and discharging times of capacitors through resistors in the multivibrator circuit to estimate the frequency of oscillation and other relevant parameters. They help engineers and hobbyists quickly determine suitable component values to achieve desired output frequencies or time periods. These tools are valuable for designing astable multivibrator circuits by providing a starting point for selecting resistor and capacitor values, allowing users to experiment with different component combinations to achieve the desired oscillation frequency or waveform characteristics without manual calculations.

This calculator uses bi-polar transistor(BJT) but this calculator can also be used for Astable Multivibrator with MOSFE. Astable multivibator can also be build using operational amplifier, see Astable multivibrator using op-amp. For op-amp based astable multivibrator calculation one can use the online Op-Amp Astable Multivibrator Calculator.


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