what is the difference between activated windows 10 pro and not activated?

 Activated Windows 10 Pro refers to a version of Windows 10 Pro that has been properly licensed and activated through Microsoft's activation servers. When you activate Windows, you're essentially proving to Microsoft that you've obtained a legitimate copy of the operating system, typically by purchasing a license key.


Here are some key differences between activated Windows 10 Pro and not activated:

  1. Features and Updates: Activated Windows 10 Pro gives you access to all features and updates provided by Microsoft. This includes security patches, new features, and performance improvements. Not activated Windows 10 Pro may lack access to certain updates and features, particularly those that require activation.

  2. Personalization Options: Activated Windows 10 Pro allows full customization of
    personalization options such as desktop backgrounds, themes, colors, and lock screen settings. Not activated Windows 10 Pro may restrict or disable some personalization features.

  3. Microsoft Support: Activated Windows 10 Pro is eligible for Microsoft support services, including technical assistance and troubleshooting. Not activated Windows 10 Pro may not be eligible for official support from Microsoft.

  4. Validity Period: Activated Windows 10 Pro does not have a validity period; once activated, it remains activated indefinitely (unless significant hardware changes require reactivation). Not activated Windows 10 Pro typically enters a grace period during which it functions normally but constantly reminds the user to activate. After the grace period expires, certain features may become limited, and the desktop background may display a watermark indicating that Windows is not activated.

  5. Compliance: Activated Windows 10 Pro ensures compliance with Microsoft's licensing terms and conditions. Using Windows without proper activation may violate licensing agreements and could potentially lead to legal issues.

In summary, activating Windows 10 Pro ensures full functionality, access to updates and support, compliance with licensing terms, and removes any reminders or limitations associated with not being activated.

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