How to Solve ESP32 Error in Arduino IDE

 While I was trying to do a testing project with ESP32 board in Arduino IDE I got the following error:

version found: v0.11.0-esp32-20221026 

Invalid version found: v0.12.0-esp32-20230921

The error you're encountering in the Arduino IDE, specifically mentioning "Invalid version found: v0.11.0-esp32-20221026" and "Invalid version found: v0.12.0-esp32-20230921," indicates that there are invalid or incompatible versions of the ESP32 board package installed. This issue can occur due to multiple reasons, such as conflicting installations or outdated package references.

To resolve this, follow these steps:

Step 1: Update the Arduino IDE
Ensure that you have the latest version of the Arduino IDE installed. You can download the latest version from the [Arduino website](

 Step 2: Update the Board Manager
1. Open the Arduino IDE.
2. Go to `File` -> `Preferences`.
3. In the "Additional Boards Manager URLs" field, make sure you have the correct URL for the ESP32 boards. If not, add the following URL:

Previously I had used the following url:

4. Click "OK" to save the preferences.

Step 3: Reinstall the ESP32 Board Package
1. Open the Board Manager by going to `Tools` -> `Board` -> `Boards Manager`.
2. In the Boards Manager, type `esp32` in the search bar.
3. If you see multiple versions installed or if the version numbers match those in the error message, uninstall all ESP32 versions by clicking the "Remove" button.
4. Once all versions are removed, reinstall the ESP32 board package by clicking the "Install" button for the latest stable version. 

Step 4: Clear Arduino IDE Cache
Sometimes, clearing the cache can help resolve version-related issues.
1. Close the Arduino IDE.
2. Navigate to the Arduino directory in your system. This directory varies by operating system:
   - **Windows**: `C:\Users\<YourUsername>\AppData\Local\Arduino15`
   - **macOS**: `~/Library/Arduino15`
   - **Linux**: `~/.arduino15`
3. Delete the `package_esp32_index.json` file and the `staging` folder if they exist.
4. Restart the Arduino IDE and reinstall the ESP32 board package as described in Step 3.

Step 5: Verify and Compile
1. Open an example sketch for ESP32 (e.g., `File` -> `Examples` -> `WiFi` -> `WiFiScan`).
2. Select the appropriate ESP32 board from `Tools` -> `Board`.
3. Try compiling the sketch to see if the error persists.

Following these steps should help you resolve the "Invalid version found" error in the Arduino IDE for the ESP32 board package. If the issue still persists, you might want to check the ESP32 community forums or GitHub issues page for additional support and updates.

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