How to plot BJT characteristic curves in Multisim

BJT characteristics curve of a transistor is useful graph when working with a transistor. It allows use to see the operating characteristics of the transistor under varying current and voltage across the transistor terminal. We can use Multsim electronics design software to draw BJT characteristics curves easily by just placing the transistor on the design sheet and connect the collector, emitter and base terminal to the BJT analyzer tool. 

The characteristic curve of a bipolar transistor is a graph that shows relationship between the collector emitter voltage and collector current for different values of base current. This graph is also often called input-output characteristic graph of BJT because it shows the output collector current for various input base current. This graph is useful because it shows the nature of a given transistor which is required during basing of a transistor for amplifier design.

The following shows how to create IV characteristics curve for a bipolar transistor using multsim BJT analyzer tool.

BJT characteristics Curve in Multisim

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