LM324 op-amp Integrator testing with matlab simulink oscilloscope

 Here LM324 op-amp based integrator is build on a breadboard and tested with Matlab/Simulink based PC oscilloscope. The LM324 is a quad op-amp which means it has four individual op-amp build into its integrated circuit. We will use one of them in order to build integrator circuit. Integrator circuits are used in function generators, analog computers and communication equipment like in frequency shift keying(FSK) modulator demodulator circuits.

The LM324 integrator circuit build on a breadboard is shown below.


The circuit diagram for the above LM324 operational amplifier based integrator circuit is shown below.


LM324 op-amp integrator circuit schematic

The Matlab/Simulink PC function generator oscilloscope is a handy tool which can be used to test circuits like the integrator circuit here for frequencies upto 10KHz or even upto 20KHz(audio frequencies). The usefulness of this function generator and oscilloscope/spectrum analyzer is that expensive oscilloscope is not required. Also we can experiment with actual circuit with real signals in real time and perform various mathematical operation on the signals.

The following shows the matlab/simulink waveform generator along with time scope and spectrum analyzer. The tutorial How to use Matlab Simulink as Oscilloscope explains how the function generator, oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer works.

The following shows function generator produces square wave input and the output is a triangle wave.

 The following picture shows when the input is a triangle wave to the integrator the output is a sine wave.

Similarly other types of waveform and the output is demonstrated in the following video.


Here we demonstrated how to build LM358 Op-Amp Integrator on breadboard and test with Matlab Simulink Oscilloscope. The result is same as with LM358 integrator see LM358 Op-Amp Integrator Test with Matlab Simulink Oscilloscope.Some of the other similar tutorials are below.

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