Balanced Phase Splitter Circuit

A DC balanced phase splitter circuit is a type of electronic circuit that is used to split an input signal into two outputs that are equal in amplitude but 180 degrees out of phase with each other. The term "DC balanced" refers to the fact that the circuit is designed to maintain a balanced DC voltage level between the two output signals.

Following shows circuit diagram of one way of implementing DC balanced phase splitter circuit using two op-amps.

phase splitter circuit diagram

In the above phase splitter circuit a dual op-amp IC LM358 is used. The dual op-amp contains two independent op-amp. The circuit generates two signals which are equal in amplitude but have a phase difference of 180. The input is applied first op-amp which is configured as unity gain non-inverting amplifier(voltage follower) and provides a buffered output signal that is identical to the input signal. The output of the first op-amp is fed into the 2nd op-amp which is configured as unity-gain inverting op-amp. 

The following shows the waveform of the two inverted and non-inverted output signal and the input signal. Note that the input signal and non-inverted output signal are of same amplitude and phase and so the input signal is not visible because they overlap.

phase splitter signals

The DC balanced phase splitter circuit is commonly used in audio applications, such as in power amplifiers and pre-amplifiers. By splitting the input signal into two out of phase signals, the circuit can drive two output stages in a push-pull configuration, which can increase the efficiency of the amplifier and reduce distortion. Additionally, the DC balanced design ensures that the output signals do not have a DC offset, which can cause distortion or damage to the output stage. Another application of balanced phase splitter circuit is in communication circuits, such as quadrature modulator, SSB AM modulator etc.

See the following video demonstration of how the balanced phase splitter circuit works.


Overall, the DC balanced phase splitter circuit is a useful and versatile circuit that can be used in a variety of electronic applications where a balanced, out of phase signal is required. It is similar to phase shifter circuit but there are differences which is explained in Phase Splitter vs Phase Shifter.

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