Phase Splitter vs Phase Shifter

A phase splitter and a phase shifter are both electronic circuits used in signal processing, but they serve different functions.

A phase splitter is a circuit that takes an input signal and splits it into two equal but opposite phase signals. The two output signals are typically used to drive a push-pull amplifier configuration, which can increase the efficiency of the amplifier and reduce distortion. Phase splitters are commonly used in audio applications. Shown below is a balanced phase splitter circuit diagram implemented using two dual op-amp LM358.

phase splitter circuit diagram

On the other hand, a phase shifter is a circuit that shifts the phase of an input signal by a certain amount. Phase shifters can be used to adjust the phase relationship between different signals or to create specific phase shifts for signal processing applications. Phase shifters are commonly used in communication systems, such as radio frequency (RF) applications for example SSB modulator circuit. Following shows one way of implementing phase shifter circuit.

lagging first order all pass filter

In terms of similarities, both phase splitters and phase shifters can be implemented using a variety of electronic components, such as capacitors, inductors, and resistors. Both circuits require careful design and tuning to ensure that they operate correctly.

See video on how the phase shifter and phase splitter works.

Phase Shifter Video

 Phase Splitter Video


One important difference between the two circuits is their function. While a phase splitter splits an input signal into two opposite phase signals, a phase shifter changes the phase of an input signal by a specific amount. Another important difference is their applications. Phase splitters are commonly used in audio applications, while phase shifters are commonly used in communication systems.

Overall, while there are some similarities between phase splitters and phase shifters in terms of their design and implementation, they serve different functions and are used in different applications.

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