Building RoboMaster with Arduino

This is a record of my journey to build a RoboMaster with Arduino. The idea of creating my own RC car and robotics has always fascinated me, so I've decided to take on this project as a way to learn more about electronics, programming, mechanical design.

Below picture shows the RoboMaster S1:

Now this RoboMaster is quite complex build. It has camera, sensors, specialized wheels, guns and loaders. Here I will try to build a very simple version of this.

Weeks back, I spent time researching the basics of building an remote controlled car with Arduino. I read books and internet sources, I found that there are different chassis options, motor types, and control mechanisms. I also had to study the design of RoboMaster. After hours of reading, I finally decided on a simple RoboMaster with 4-wheel drive design with tank-like controls. I also made a list of supplies I'll need:

  • Arduino Uno
  • Arduino L293D Motor Shield
  • Chassis kit
  • Tank or Crane like moving parts
  • Wheels and tires
  • DC motors
  • Batteries and battery holder
  • HC-05 Bluetooth module
  • Breadboard for prototyping
  • Remote control transmitter and receiver
  • Various tools (screwdrivers, pliers, soldering iron, etc.)
  • Jumper wires

I have already purchased the majority of the listed components. The image below show materials I have got so far for the driving .

car chassis for arduino

For the upper part for the RoboMaster I am thinking of using a backhoe loader toy part and for controller(RoboMaster Gamepad) I will try to use a toy quadcoupter drone controller as shown below.

backhoe loader and controller

The assembly of the chassis with the motors and wheels that I did this week as shown below.

car assembly

But I am not satisfied with the above assembly because I used a gun glue to attach the motors to the chassis because at the store they did not have the complete car chassis with screws.

I will buy another chassis with screws to make it more rigid and strong.

The communication between the controller which is either smart phone or a drone controller and the my arduino based robomaster will be either bluetooth, wifi, or using RF24 RF modules.  

Next the second part of this project: Building RoboMaster with Arduino - Part 2


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