Nodemcu Car Circuit Power Supply

I previously made a wifi controlled car in which I used 4x1.2V , lithium ion batteries for power supply. The car was moving very slow so I was thinking to change the battery and put more voltage supply. After many days, I now have changed the battery from 4x1.2V=4.8V to 2x3.7V=7.4V lithium ion battery charger. That's shown in the picture below.

NodeMCU wifi car

 Now the RC Wifi car moves faster and I am satisfied with the speed. I did not remove the LM317 lithium ion charger circuit because I thought it could as well charge the new 7.4V lithium ion batteries.

The NodeMCU car circuit diagram I used is below.

NodeMCU Mobile WiFi controlled Car Circuit Diagram

In the above  nodemcu car circuit diagram, we only have to change the batteries pack with two 3.7V 18650 sized lithium ion battery pack.

I wanted to know what voltage and current rated battery if good for what weight of the RC car. I used a kitchen weighing scale to know the total weight of the NodeMCU WiFi car. As shown below, the total weight with the two batteries is 396gm.

Each of the two battery has current rating of 3600mAh and rated voltage is 3.7V. I have to dwell more into the calculation of battery requirement for car or other robotic devices.

Below video shows the NodeMCU car in action with battery replacement.

So in this blog post, I discussed how to power ESP8266 NodeMCU and how to replace lithium ion battery power supply of the NodeMCU robotic car.

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