Earthing of communication tower

 Here I wanted to share information on how the earthing of communication tower is done/ Earthing of communication tower is necessary for safety of building or houses against disaster of naturally occurring lighting and thunders. I am working on a WISP(Wireless Internet Service Provider) project where I have to erect a 6m sector-ed antenna tower which I had shared information about in the blog post WISP tower construction.For this a good earthing is required. Here I will share some of my knowledge and experiences. I have listed the materials that we have used here and a step by step guide to how to earthen a communication tower. And a video of the complete earthing installation is also provided. 

Below is picture that shows the view of how after earthing it looks like.

earthing of tower

 We have to buy a package for the earthing which consisted of the following materials required for earthing and grounding.

1. Earthing rod

The rod length used was 1.5m and the rod was filled with some kind of chemicals which I have not yet learn about.

2. Pit Plastic Cover

3. Earthing Chemical Compound

4. A regular electrical hollow pipe for underground to insert earthing cable

These materials are shown in the picture below.

grounding materials

 The steps of earthing of communication tower are as follows:

Step 1: Dig a hole according to the length and size of the earthing rod

Step 2: Insert the earthing rod into the hole

insert grounding rod into the hole
Step 3: Mix earthing chemical compound with water in a bucket

mixing earthing compound with water

Step 4: Fill the space around the rod with the mixed earthing compound. 

fill hole with earthing compound

Step 5: Create a underground passage by digging a hole and placing an electrical protective hollow pipe to connect the electrical grounding cable to the grounding rod tip where there is connection hole for the earthing cable.

Step 6: Cover the remaining hole with the mud and place the plastic earthing cover onto top of the grounding rod

Watch the following video that shows completed installation of the earthing rod, digging hole, pouring earthing compound etc.

 Later on the earthing cable coming from the tower will be inserted and connected to the earthing rod through the electrical hollow pipe. I will update once I have connected the earthing cable to the tower and the earthing rod. Then my WISP network will be almost ready for a test.

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