WISP Tower Construction

 I have been busy working on my WISP project these days and therefore couldn't spent much time on my Arduino robot car as much as I wanted. I have to give more time to the WISP project. WISP work: Much of the equipment room work is completed and the tower work has began. Here I wanted to share and record the wireless ISP tower work.

Yesterday I was told by my tower engineer that the tower construction has been completed and he sent me the following picture.

WISP Tower Construction

 One months or so ago, we had discussion about how and where we will erect the tower, the tower height, the design, color, bolt and nuts sizes. The building manager and his metal worker, the tower engineer and the structural engineer of the building were present at the meeting. The structural and the tower engineer met separately to discuss the tower installation. We agreed and concluded that first the base of the tower will be build on four pillars and with I-beams. We will then install the tower on top of the base.

The building where we have plan to install the tower and the core network equipment for the wireless ISP is shown below.

WISP building

We first discussed and planned the installation with the building manager, tower engineer and the metal worker chief.

 The building manager told me to discuss the design with his structural engineer to ensure safety and so forth. So I arranged a meeting between the structural and tower engineer and during the meeting they made the following rough sketch during the meeting.
Mainly the discussion about the plate size, the hole size, number of holes, plates, the total weight of the tower and temporary platform for tower installation workers and so on were discussed. This meeting took place one month ago. 

There was delay in the tower work because the hole drill machine got damaged and they had to repair it. The I-beams had also be prepared at the ground floor and then transported to the top of the building and painted. The picture below shows the day the beams were seen on the site(top of the building). This was one week ago.

One week ago, they were drilling the holes.

 2-3 days ago, they were assembling the I-beams and painting.

On this day, another tower engineer from the same company had detailed view of the base of the tower. He bought a sample plate so that the tower will accurately fitted to the base of the tower. 

I think today or until tomorrow they will have the base of the tower ready. Then the tower will be transported to the top of the building and then erected. Afterwards I have to put some antenna and some networking and test the WISP wireless network.

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