Exporting 3D model in Proteus and Sharing 3D model

In the dynamic world of product design and electronic prototyping, sharing your innovations with potential customers is crucial. Proteus, a popular software suite for electronics design and simulation, not only allows you to create intricate circuit designs but also enables you to export your 3D models for wider collaboration and sales. In this blog post, we will walk you through the steps of exporting 3D models as STEP files, IGES files, and STP files in Proteus, and then share your prototype designs on platforms like GrabCAD and other well-known marketplaces. For his tutorial I will be use the 12V Voltage Regulator Design with LM317 design which I had build earlier.

Exporting 3D Models in Proteus

Proteus provides a seamless process for exporting 3D models in standard formats such as STEP, IGES, and STP. Here's a step-by-step guide:

1. Open Your Design in Proteus:
    Launch Proteus and open the project containing the 3D model you wish to export.
2. Navigate to the ARES PCB Layout:
    Once your project is open, navigate to the ARES PCB Layout module.
3. Generate 3D Model:
    Go to the "Output" menu and select "Generate 3D M-CAD File". 

generate 3d model in proteus

This will open a dialog box to select folder, name of the file and the file type of the 3D model.
4. Export as STEP, IGES, or STP:
    In the MCAD Output tab, provide name for the 3d model and select the folder where it should be saved. Select the desired format from the available options - STEP, IGES, or STP.

generate 3d model in proteus
Then click on Generate.

Now if you open the folder where you saved it previously you will see the filename with .step file(in this example). For example