12V Voltage Regulator Design with LM317 and Proteus

12V regulated power supplies is regularly needed for various electronics circuit testing. I have been trying to drive a Nema17 stepper motor using A4988 stepper motor driver and series of lithium ion batteries. I don't know why but the stepper motor is not moving and there is 15V across the motor battery connectors on the A4988 motor driver module. So I thought could this be problem due to not using a voltage regulator. I don't think that the problem is due to regulated supply but anyway I wanted to work on PCB design since it's been months I haven't made a PCB at home. And I wanted to improve my PCB design skills. So here I will be making a 12V voltage regulator using LM317 IC along with schematic and pcb layout to actually fabrication the PCB layout at home.

I started with the schematic design of the 12V voltage regulator using LM317.

LM317 12V voltage regulator schematic

I used the LM317 voltage regulator online calculator to come up with resistors values for desired output voltage and current. Below is screenshot, using 390Ohm resistor for R1 and output voltage of 12V we get approximately 3.3KOhm resistor. 

LM317 voltage regulator online calculator

So these values were used in the above LM317 12V voltage regulator schematic.

I added two capacitors C1 and C2 along with a power indicator LED and associated LED at the output. I place the components and routed the copper traces. I am designing a single layer PCB. The PCB trace routing is easy. Then I also put ground plane which will connected to our ground in the schematic. Following shows the PCB layout of the LM317 based voltage regulator.

LM317 12V voltage regulator PCB layout

And the 3D view of the prototype view of the LM317 voltage regulator.

LM317 Voltage regulator 3D model

You can download this LM317 voltage regulator model from ee-diary 3d models

Now I have captured video while doing the schematic, circuit simulation and then PCB design. Note that in the video the two Terminal headers of 5mm 3D model is missing while in the above animation it is shown. This is because I searched and downloaded the 3D model of the Terminal headers after I made the video. 

Following is the full video of making a 12V voltage regulator with LM317 IC in Proteus and ARES.

So the next thing to do is to actually make the PCB at home. So writing about the PCB on this blog post would make the blog post a bit long. So I will write about the PCB fabrication at home in my next blog post.

There is also another PCB that I have ordered from China. These are PCB for minimal Arduino Board which uses ATmega328P microcontroller which is placed onto the 28 IC holder on the PCB. There is also GSM module PCB design but this is more complex and expensive for me for now. As said earlier I just want to improve my PCB design and fabrication skills and knowledge.

My another project with LM317 voltage regulator includes the LASER transmitter and receiver circuit. The LASER in that project need a constant regulated power supply of 2.78V with input voltage of 5V. Again calculating the resistors values to get output of 2.78V we can manually calculate or use the online LM317 calculator to calculate these values.


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