Can LiteAP AC be connected to nanastation M5?

I had a NanoStation M5 which I had bought many years ago. I remember having it set up back then. Now for the Wireless ISP project we are currently implementing, I wanted to utilize the old NanoStation M5 radio. Specifically, I wanted to connect LiteAP AC as access point and the NanoStation M5 as a station in bridge mode. 

LiteAP AC and Nanostation M5

This would be similar to LiteAP and LiteBeam for Wireless Internet except we are replacing LiteBeam 5AC with Nanostation M5. The LiteAP was installed on ISP tower atop of a building as shown below.

LiteAP AC on WISP tower

And what I found is as follows.

LiteBeam 5 AC and NanoStation M5 are two different product lines by Ubiquiti Networks. The LiteAP AC is a sector antenna designed for use with Ubiquiti's airMAX AC radios, while the NanoStation M5 is a different line of products that operates on the 5GHz frequency and includes an integrated radio and antenna.


To determine if you can connect a LiteAP AC to a NanoStation M5, you should consider the following factors:

  1. Compatibility: These two products are not designed to be directly connected to each other. The LiteAP AC is a sector antenna, and the NanoStation M5 is an all-in-one CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) with an integrated antenna. They use different form factors and are not intended to work together out of the box.

  2. Frequency: The LiteAP AC is designed for airMAX AC radios, which typically operate on different frequency bands (often in the 5 GHz range) compared to the NanoStation M5. It's important to ensure that the frequency bands match for the two devices to work together.

  3. Mounting and Hardware: Physically connecting these devices may require custom mounting solutions and cabling, as their form factors and connectors are likely different.

If you have specific requirements or you want to expand the network using these devices, it's recommended to consult Ubiquiti's product documentation or contact their support for guidance. Since my information is not up-to-date beyond September 2021, it's possible that new products or firmware updates have been released that may offer compatibility or features that were not available at that time.

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