LiteAP and LiteBeam Wireless Internet Connectivity

In an era where high-speed internet connectivity is the lifeblood of our digital world, we often find ourselves facing unique challenges in delivering reliable and fast internet access to remote or challenging locations. In my earlier blog post How to build WISP wireless network for Internet I shared how one can use sector-ed antenna with radio antenna for internet distribution In this blog post, we'll share our experience of creating a robust wireless internet link that spans over 450 meters, using Ubiquiti's cutting-edge technology: the LiteAP and LiteBeam.

Our journey began with a customer who needed internet access in an area where traditional cable connections were not feasible. I used google earth to find the distance between the WISP tower and the customer premises. According to google earth the customer house was located 322m away from the ISP tower. The ISP tower is atop an 11-story building and the tower height is 6m so I knew that we will have line of sight(LoS) for establishing connection between the LiteAP and LiteBeam 5 AC. The challenge was to establish a fast and stable wireless connection that would ensure seamless internet access for the customer.

Ubiquiti is renowned for its high-quality wireless networking equipment, and we opted for the LiteAP and LiteBeam 5 AC devices for this particular project. The LiteAP, mounted on a WISP tower, was positioned on the 11-story building, reaching a height of approximately 70 meters. 

LiteAP: Our choice for the access point on the tower. With its robust design and excellent performance capabilities, it was the ideal solution for providing internet coverage to a wide area. The following video shows installation of LiteAP AC on the WISP tower.

On the customer's side, the LiteBeam was securely installed on the roof of customer house.

LiteBeam installed on the roof of house

LiteBeam: Chosen for its reliability and speed, the LiteBeam on the customer's side ensured a strong connection and fast internet access. 

I connected the LiteAP and LiteBeam to their respective router and switch. I am using a Mikrotick CCR2004-16G-2S+ cloud router for LiteAP and and ordinary TP-link modem for connecting to the LiteBeam 5 AC. 


The video below shows the Line of Sight to the WISP tower from the customer roof. Note the aerial distance which is 450m.



After a bit of configuration, IP address, Access Mode, same SSID etc, I powered them on and checked the wireless internet connectivity. The UISP airOS provided us with valuable insight into the connection's performance. It displayed a direct link distance of 450 meters, which was impressive considering the challenging terrain and urban environment.


What truly matters in any internet connection is the throughput, and we were not disappointed. The LiteAP consistently delivered throughput between 285Mbps to 330Mbps. On the customer's end, the LiteBeam offered a rock-solid 330Mbps, demonstrating that this Ubiquiti setup could handle the demands of modern internet applications with ease.

Our journey to establish high-speed wireless internet connectivity for Wireless ISP over a 450-meter distance was not without its challenges. However, Ubiquiti's LiteAP and LiteBeam devices proved to be more than up to the task, delivering a fast and reliable connection that exceeded our expectations. In an increasingly interconnected world, such solutions play a vital role in ensuring that everyone, no matter where they are located, can enjoy the benefits of high-speed internet access.

If you have a similar project on the horizon or are looking to expand your network, we highly recommend considering Ubiquiti's technology. With the right equipment and a little expertise, you can bridge the digital divide and bring the digital world to even the most remote locations.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or need assistance with your own wireless internet project. We're here to help you stay connected!

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